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Freedom of Speech and Media

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Freedom of speech is the ability to speak freely withour any blocks or censors on what is being said.



Censorship on what people can say is not allowing people to say what they want due to restrictions that that persons government has set.


Why this is happening:


     Most censorship that is happening in the world is because that government of certain regions in the world try to view what people are saying online, writing, or verbally and censor anything that they find that should have restrictions on.  Most of the items that are censored are because that person's government finds something that is inappropriate or just against the governments views and so the person has to censor what s/he is saying. 




Human Rights that are violated:

     The main human right being violated is obviously the Freedom of Speech, but depending on what the country is that is beign talked about some might say that no rights are being violated.  For example, the people that live in North Korea dont have to many freedoms due to their governemnts policies and restrictions on what people are saying.  So that government really dosent notice what kind of problems people deal with censorship because that government dosent think anything is being wronged or hurt. (CPJ (2009) 10 Most Censored Countires)






Punishment for Censorship: 

     Of course their are certian punishments dealt to people who refuse to oblige with the governments standards for censorship. For example China has very strict censorship policies and if a person is found guilty of publishing material on the web that the government disagrees with they could be forced to pay a fine or do jail time. (Wilkens, B. (2009)  25 Shocking Facts about Chinese Censorship )      




Worldwide Problem:

     Even a country as big as china is still having a lot of censorship for its people.  Their government records the keystrokes of all internet cafes, email messages, chat rooms, and even online games just so the government knows what kind of information people are sending eachother. (Wilkens, B. (2009)  25 Shocking Facts about Chinese Censorship







What is being done to solve the issue:

There are Human Rights Defenders which are a group of people who try to protect Human Rights through non-violent, peaceful ways. But even these groups of people are having their activities and programs blocked or silenced are the target of abuse.  This can be done by either the government, religious leaders, armed forces, or even their own families can try to silence their actions.  (Amnesty International (2009) Freedom of Expression)



Is there a solution?

As of right now a solution would involve a government to know what the people would want to be changed with their censorship policies.  This would involve much time and work for a nation to change their restrictions on what people can and can't say.