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who is helping with women's rights???????!!!!!!!! maya =)

Maya,  try these sites:


What is being done by others to help those who are being tortured? - Jordan G 




What is being done by the UN to stop human trafficking? - Charis







Where can I find images/statistics on the issue of religious freedom? -Fiona



     This should have some statistics.


     The above is a list of press releases of different places where there have been problems with this issue.

For images you could just find  pictures that represent different  religions


Can you re read what i have so far and i am having trouble finding examples of other countries Racial Discrimination could you help? - Will



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Fiona said

at 12:02 pm on Sep 27, 2009

Where can I find image/statistics on the issue of religious freedom? -Fiona Clancy

Fiona said

at 12:03 pm on Sep 27, 2009


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