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What"s the problem???


          Different governments have their own unique perspective on the topic of refugees. Some government believe that any person who is born in a county should remain in that country and make due with what they have. Other governments believe all people deserve equal treatment, thus they accept people in need of protection. THere are some who stand on a ground in the middle. They claim to accept refugees, but they dont provide the basic needs every human being requires.

           To expand on the first opinion governments who believe  that refugees should remain in their home countries often times are in economic debt or unstability. These unstable governments are then asked to use their resources for people who are not citizens of their nation. In some cases these nations go so far as to treat the few refugees they have accepted very poorly. They may leave thousands of refugees in camps desingned for a fraction of the number which the camp was designed for. People in these camps might also be beaten, tortured, or suffer from neglect. This may be done to discourage other refugees from seeking safety in these countries.

           There are other nations who greatly support a refugee program. These nations see refugees as fellow human beings not just another chore or hinderance they are forced to deal with. These nations usually have a government run program to help refugees get settled in their new nation and find a good economic balance. Organizations like the RRP are set up for this purpose. 



Neglect of refugees.



           In Somalia there are 250000+ refugees, but there is not enough space provided for anything close to decent living conditions. In fact the camps were designed to hold 1/3 the total number of refugees that are coming from Somalia. What should the U.S. role be in this situation? What is the U.N. doing to improve these condition? Is there a prgram like the RRP in Samalia?(see succesful organiztions for RRP reference)

            In just this past year tens of thousands of refugees tried to find safety in the town of Dadaab, but only 60000 refugees were emitted. This presents a problem for the other tens of thousands which had to journey into Nairobi. Since Kenya's borders are closed the refugees arriving are faced with violence, deportation, maltreatment, sickness, and cramped unfair living conditions. Why isn't Kenya accepting refugees? Why dont they provide proper conditions for the refugees they do except? Whats a refugee to do?

            In many cases refugees are caught in crossfire and civil war because nations will not emmit them as refugees into that Nations protection. For example in Sri Lanka the Tamil Tigers are in a civil war with theSri Lankan government. This civil war has cause the deaths of 70000 people already. Currently their are a quarter of a million people still caught between the  war of the Tigers and Sri Lankan enforcers.


Image: Sudanese refugee children


The Refugees Struggle

     The Refugees are struggling due to neglect of their basic human rights. Based on bsic human rights refugees throughout the world are being left out to dry. As a human being every refugee has a right to free speech and safety in there homeland, but some refugees aren't so lucky. In many cases Refugees suffer from malnutrition, poverty, unclean living conditions, and living in a war zone. The main problem of the refugees is their unsafe living conditions and lack of government control to protect its nations.


Succesful Organizations.

          The RRP or Rufugee Resettlement Program is an organiztion stationed in California. This organization is responsible for succesfully and effectively helping all the refugees coming the U.S. The RRP's basoc mission is to "provide for the effectve resttlement of refugees in the United States and to assist them in achieving economic self-sufficiency as quickly as possible." There are many RRP organizations across the United States and they organize a plan for refugees so that there is safety within the borders of the U.S. So if someone wanted to help refugees in America they could look for an RRP office close to them.



















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Kori Atwood said

at 12:11 pm on Sep 25, 2009

Good start. You are missing some punctuation (commas). What is the problem for the refugee? Which of their human rights are being violated?

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