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Rights of the Disabled

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Rights of the Disabled

The past three decades the needs and rights of the disabled have been high on the United Nations agenda. In 2006 the Rights of People with Disabilities was adopted and later then entered effect on May 3, 2008. Other countries that ratify it have to ensure the disabled people are treated fairly. The treaty will enter force once it is ratified by 20 countries. 

 examples of violations

US disabled students face corporal punishment just for things that they cannot control. In a public elementary school in Mississippi, Michelle R., whose son went to this elementary school had Tourettes syndrome was physically abused because of a tic that he couldn’t control. His tic was balling up his fist and it was seen as aggression and he was taken into a closet and that was where he was abused. At least 41,972 disabled students were punished by corporal punishment for things that they couldn’t help doing and couldn’t stop. The US today is the leading independent country in defending the disabled against discrimination and protecting their rights.


Disabled people in the United States aren't the only ones facing discrimination. In hospitals in the UK the disabled aren't getting the same treatment that others without a disability are getting. Doctors are making life judgements and applying substandards to people because of their disability. At St. Dominic's college in Harrow, north west-London a 17 year old boy made his local college give him a place. St. Dominic's wouldn't let Anthony Ford-Shubrook study A level geography and double information technology. At first they said there was no elevator to the second floor. So the parents suggested a stair lift, but the college said it would be a safety hazard for the students. The parents thought otherwise and reported it to the Rights of Disability Commission that forced the college to accept him.


Also in the UK there have been plenty of people that have been aborting disabled babies after there born. There have been reports of over 100 babies were reported in a single region that were aborted for having

















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Kori Atwood said

at 12:28 pm on Sep 25, 2009

Needs some work - you have very specific examples - are there any places where these types of violations are common place? Why is this a problem? How does this discrimination affect the disabled individual? WHich of their rights are being violated?

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