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Women's Rights

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Women's Lack of Rights



          Women all around the world suffer everyday from lack of rights. Rights that include the freedom to travel, go to school, work fair hours, go outside, open a bank account, speak without permission, marry who they want, or gain health care or any public services. Women are also being rapped and sexually abused everyday and especially in area's dealing with war(UN: Saudi Arabia Pledges End of Man's Control Over Women). 




     Many people believe that women are not receiving these rights because of religion and this is partly true but it also deals with beliefs and traditions(More rights then one might think).






          In the middle East women not having rights is a much more serious problem then anywhere else in the world. The three middle East countries that stuck out the most in my research were Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Taliban. These three countires believe that women should have little to no rights all there lives.


Abuse of Women's Rights


Saudi Arabia made a pledge on June 10th 2009 stating that they accepted recommendation put forward by UN member states in February to take steps to end the system of male guardianship over women, to give full legal identity to Saudi women, and prohibit gender discrimination. Yet on July 2nd Saudi Al-watan newspaper noted that women still need there male guardians to undergo medical care. Women cant divorce their husbands without this being OK with the man, and women cant leave the countries unless the male guardian allows them.(UN: Saudi Arabia Pledges End of Men's Control Over Women).


The Jordan government which is a monarch believes in a cultural tradition called "honor killings". Honor killings allow men to kill there wife's if they believe they woman has had an affair or dis honored them in anyway. With this law passed the Jordan government believes men who kill their wife's only have to spend two years in prison. This is OK to most of the Jordan people because they believe if any woman, child, sister, or wife who violates there man's honor must be punished or killed(Jordan: Tribunals No Substitute for reforms on "Honor Killings").


Since 1957 the EU has committed to equal pay for equal work but still women earn 15% less then men even though 60% of women make up the EU's university graduates. In six countries that include Finland, Germany, and the UK there is a 20% pay difference for women and men. Men making the 20% more. Even though the gap of pay difference is decreasing in Germany and Finland women are still poorer then men when it is time to retire(An Abridged Women's Agenda for the Parlament).





          The US House of Representatives has voted to make the office for Global Women's Issues permanent. This office allows International Violence against Women act to take major steps forward towards the stopping of violence against women. This office will also help women around the world gain benefits such as education, health care, and economic stability(Bill Pass's Protecting Women's Human Rights).
























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Good start - you need little more work on the first 2 sections and the last section. (Just add a little more detail...) If you are having any trouble finding info - let me know.

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